JGS Roses - rose pruning and rose care

Rose gardening & rose pruning
(Perth, Western Australia)

Fertilisers and Treatments


Sugar Cane Mulch grown in Wester Australia by DSATCO.

It builds healthy soils, saves water and is shredded finely for even cover.

I use this mulch around roses because it retains water and reduces weed growth.

Black Magic Rose Food

Black Magic Rose Food encourages lush green foliage to grow on your roses and your roses will have brightly coloured blooms.

A small amount is needed once a month to help your roses continue to thrive.

Lime Sulpher

Sharp Shooter Lime Sulpher is classed as organic and is environmentally friendly.

Lime Sulpher is a fungicide & insecticide and is great for trees and roses.

It prevents powdery mildew as well as black spot.

Rose Spray

Brunnings Rose Spray Black Spot & Insect Killer

Kills aphids, caterpillars, thrips, budworm & mites on roses and ornamentals.

Provides control of blackspot, rust & powdery mildew.

Rose Black Spot

Sharp Shooter Rose Black Spot is great for black spot, powdery mildew and rust.

The active ingredient in this spray passes through the plant tissue, fights and targets the diseases inside the plants.

It kills and controls a wide range of pests.

Rose Spray

Black Spot & Insect Spray

I use this spray because it controls black spot, powdery mildew and rust. It also kills aphids, thrips and two-spotted mites.

It’s suitable for roses and, ornamentals which includes shrubs, flowering annuals and perennials.

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