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Caring for your roses in pots

Some people don’t have gardens where they can grow beautiful roses. They only have access to a balcony or courtyard and some people now a days may live in a tiny home and not have the space for a garden. So pots are it!

Before buying a rose and a container look at the area where you want to show it off or admire it.

Choose the right container size for the rose of choice. Miniature roses grow best in containers that are at least 30 – 40cm deep and if you want a climber the container should be around 45cm deep. Look at wider and deeper containers or pots for other roses.

Check out the sun spots – or the best aspect. Your roses need at least 6 hours of sun a day, but roses in containers need extra conditions such as putting rose / bush in sunshine while the pot or container is in the shade. The makes sure that the growing medium doesn’t get too dry.

Ask your nursery when they recommend the best time to pot your rose is and they will also recommend the correct medium for you. Some will use a loam-based, acid-right mix specifically formulated for roses.

When it comes to daily care, watering is very important as is the drainage. So ensure you have put a layer of gravel at the base of the pots and place pots on feet so the water will drain away.

Feed the roses right ..

A potted rose will absorb food more quickly than roses planted in garden beds. Every spring top up with rose food and look at replacing the top 5 – 10cm of mix compost or repot with fresh mix.

If in doubt or you think something isn’t right look for JGS Roses, signup to become a member of the private group and John will help guide you.

Roses growing in a pot

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