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Summer Pruning

Give your roses a soft prune in the warmer months

Pruning roses in Summer

There was a time when I wouldn’t recommend pruning roses in Summer but over time I have found that providing a light prune in the warmer months is beneficial to your roses.

A light prune will allow us to keep watch for disease especially Chili Thrip which has been affecting roses in WA on and off over the years. I have found that it appears to be worse when there are fires burning and that could be because it is being spread when it is windy.

This time of the year allows me to check the drainage and how the roses are doing. I want to make sure they are healthy as possible so they flower for a lot longer for you.

A light summer prune means I come in and give your roses a tidy up, cutting off the dead roses (also known as dead heading the roses) and giving it a general tidy up.

Three weeks after I prune the roses I will come and feed the roses with Black Magic. It only takes a teaspoon of Black Magic and keeping the water up to the roses is definitely a must.

I can help you care for your roses or I can teach you how to care for your roses once I have pruned them for you.

If you would like to be added to our Summer Pruning list, please call me on 0409 701 251

Or use our free quote form and ask for me to come and provide a summer pruning.

Gentle Prune through the summer months helps the roses blossom longer

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