JGS Roses - rose pruning and rose care

Rose gardening & rose pruning
(Perth, Western Australia)

The History of JGS Roses

My love of roses started many years ago when a neighbour and friend Ella showed me how to look after roses the right way.

Back then I was mainly providing garden services for local clients and those services included lawn mowing, whipper snipping and weeding. I set up my gardening business back in 2005 and I continue to grow my business and I am passionate about doing what I do in a positive and rewarding way. 

I have expanding my business focusing every year on providing a rose pruning service to ensure everyone who has roses has beautiful roses every year. I had always loved roses but it took a friend and neighbour to show me how to prune roses the right way. 

I continue to grow my business as I made a promise to her that I would continue to grow my business and put as much love and passion into doing things right so that my clients are happy with the services I provide.

When Ella taught me how to prune roses, I watched her carefully and told her there was no way I could do that. I was sure I would screw it up but Ella said she believed in me and trusted me to pruned roses the right way. 

I was providing gardening services and still do but with her trust and belief in me, my business has grown incredibly and one of things I love specialising in is rose pruning.

Every year I look after my client’s roses and since COVID started I believe my clients enjoy seeing their roses blooming and being cared for by someone who loves roses. I have new service for people in the Perth area where I come and care for your roses every month.

If you have roses and want to keep them looking beautiful, disease free healthy, please contact me.

In Memory of Ella – I will always prune and care for roses the way she showed me how!

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