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(Perth, Western Australia)

Roses Queensland

Rose – Floribunda Iceberg – captured in Bargara QLD

Varieties of Roses in Queensland

Tequila Sunrise rose is Hybrid Tea Rose

Tequila Sunrise rose – A Hybrid Tea Rose

With varying climate changes in Queensland ranging from freezing to stinking hot and dry or some wet seasons, it can make it quite difficult to find the right information on how to grow and care for your roses. 

Roses thrive in a wide range of conditions and climates but they really do prefer moist, fertile soil and full sunlight. But during summer weather you will need to give your roses extra care and attention.

To find a rose that grows in your local area, contact a nursery close to you and they will be able to give you some advice on what to grow and how to look after your roses…

Varieties of Roses in the different states

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