JGS Roses - rose pruning and rose care

Rose gardening & rose pruning
(Perth, Western Australia)

Rose Pruning Perth

Rose Pruning in Western Australia should take place in the cooler months of June, July & August

The Importance of Pruning Roses:

  • Removes the dead and dying branches and stubs
  • Allows room for new growth
  • Deters pest and animal infestation
  • promotes the plant’s natural shape
  • Promotes healthy growth

JGS Roses has Care Packages available allowing you to choose what type of care you need or want for your roses. It’s a monthly fee and it locks JGS Group to care for your roses once a month. 

Having a care package means John can be on top of any diseases of health issues with your roses and tackle the problem before it takes over and hurts your roses.

Here is a link to the JGS Rose Care Packages and if you have any questions please call John before signing up.


JGS pruned these roses right back so that they will grow back with some beautiful roses. The dead area was cut back to encourage regrowth.

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