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Climbing Roses

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Climbing Roses

When your climbing rose because a mass of dead wood the only way to tidy it up and it cut away all the dead wood and let it heal. That’s right. What JGS Roses does is look for any green that maybe on the branches and cuts back to that so your climbing rose will blossom and grow.

JGS Roses cares for residential  and commercial and business clients.

We offer care packages as well so that we can maintain and care for your roses all year round. We will come out to trim off any old shoots and long stems which will help in training your climbing rose to grown the way you want it to.

Any major pruning however will be done after flowering. So the best time to do that is in the winter months in WA (July and August). Contact us to prebook for a care package quote or for a yearly pruning service.

When training your roses it is best to use a ribbon rather than a plastic twist tie. A nylon ribbon is a much gentler and softer option to use on the stems. This will also avoid any damage to the stems.

When it comes to pruning or cutting back a climbing rose, call JGS Roses or use our Free quote form. John will contact you and organise a time to come out and look at your roses to ensure he knows what is required at the time.

JGS Roses will spray the roses when pruned back (if required) and he will also provide fertiliser for the roses. That fertiliser is fed to the roses 3 weeks after pruning.

Please note – that the fertiliser is a free services that JGS Group provides after they have pruned or cut back your roses. (this service is available for that service only).

Growing Climbing Roses

They say it is relatively easy to grow climbing roses in Australia and it is if you follow the guidelines on growing roses and if you plant them in the right place. A lot of people grow climbing roses for various reason and one of those reasons is to cover an area larger than the area a normal rose will grow.

Some want to cover outdoor areas like pergolas, archways, and some will even cover hedges and buildings such as old outdoor toilets. Regardless of where they are grown they need to be cared for, loved and nurtured. And trained. That’s right, you need to train them to grow the right way or you will have a very messy area to clean up.

Before you start, pick an area on your property where there is plenty of morning sun. Roses love soaking up the morning sun and it will help dry any moisture that appears on their foliage.

A lot of people will start growing their climbing roses in pots while others will take cuttings or seed and start from the ground up. Either way, once they start growing you need to train them to grow in the right direction.

Please remember that growing climbing roses is not a quick fix to having something incredibly attractive. It can take 3 – 5 years to reach full maturity, however by then your bush should have a lush and thick cover.


Climbing Roses

Here are 4 climbing roses that grow well in Australia

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