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Varieties of Roses in the Northern Territory

Growing roses in the tropics takes a little adjusting but if you get it right you will always have beautiful roses.

Most seasonal roses in the Top End are sold as bare rooted roses. Roses do not like wet feet so make sure the area you are planting them in is in well drained soil. Raised beds are ideal or grow them in a soil mix where the water drains quite freely.

David Austin pink rose

David Austin – Pink Rose

Light pruning is recommended throughout the year and they will bloom through many months but less during the wet season.

Some roses that grow in the Northern Territory include: Mister Lincoln, Lorraine Lee (a climbing rose), Black Caviar, Coconut Ice Rose, Iceberg Rose, and there are many more.

To find a rose that grows in your local area, contact a nursery close to you and they will be able to give you some advice on what to grow. Ask them about fertilisers and diseases because white ants / termites are listed above Black Spot and Die Back.

Varieties of Roses in the different states

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