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The Heat Can Affect Roses

Our temperatures here in Western Australia can sometimes be extreme. We can experience extremely cold weather and we can experience the heat and just recently we have had some very hot days in the high 30s to 40 degrees.

The heat affects us to the stage that we feel we will wilt, and we must keep up the fluids to keep ourselves hydrated but how to roses survive the heat?

In extreme temperatures roses like other trees and shrubs will go into their own survival mode. They do this by slowing down the production of flowers and new growth. And they will do this until the conditions improve sometime at the end of summer or into Autumn.

JGS Roses can come and care for your roses and remove the old or dead flowers, tidy up around the roses and will make sure that they are not over watered and will check to see they have enough water.

If you are concerned about your roses in the heat, call John on 0409 701 251 so that he can come and check on your roses. He can also recommend a care plan for you.


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