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Help, my roses are dying.

One of the best jobs in the world is caring for roses. In fact, even though it Is part of the work I do I often see it has a fun thing to do but it can also be a sad part of my work because I am often called out to look after roses that are dying or some one has come along and pruned a client’s roses the wrong way. And now they are dying.

There are other reasons why roses could be dying as well such as the soil is too wet or too dry and they could also be lacking food and yes roses can suffer from Malnutrition just like humans and animals.

Poor pruning can lead to roses dying. And often this is usually when I am called in to help.

It’s at this time people will ask can their roses be saved. And I am honest with them because there is no guarantee. But I will try.

I will see how bad they are, check the soil and I will do what I can to tidy them up, feed them if that is required and water them if it is needed. And if I need to come back to continue watering them when needed I will discuss this with you at that time.

Some signs to look for if you feel your roses are dying include stems that are black or brown and have no leaves or any sign of new growth or stems may be brittle. If it is the growing season and no new shoots or leaves are appearing that is a sign that your rose is either dying or has died.

If you are concerned about your roses, and need help please call John on 0409 701 251.

John provides all year-round care of roses and now is a good time to have them looked at and provide that out of season care to ensure your roses last all year round.


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